Garden in! is your own digital garden.

A calm and peaceful experience about growing tiny, lovely plants. Just relax, take care of your seedlings, and watch your dream garden come to life.

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It’s Easy to Grow A Plant In Garden In!

Choose a pot, put some soil in it, and finally bury a seed, then the journey starts. Each plant is unique and has different needs: give them time and love, take care of them and they’ll grow strong and beautiful!

Decorate Your house!

Use the many seedlings at your disposal, shape the environment as you like and make yourself at home. Take it one step further and customize the rooms by changing their colors and the sky around them, in order to create the perfect mood.

Combine the Seeds to get New Ones!

Bring two seeds together inside a hybridization pot and watch the power of love create a new bud! Try and discover all of the different combinations to complete your herbarium.